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I’m writing to request your support for Representative Randy Fine and Senator Debbie Mayfield’s effort to secure a state appropriation in the amount of $1,325,000 for the Brevard Zoo's Aquarium Project. We, the business leaders across the region, are ready to engage with fellow business leaders, residents and volunteers in these communities to build another institution whose presence will save Florida’s natural resources and enrich our community for generations to come. We have the experience: Twenty-five years ago, 16,000 people literally built the Brevard Zoo by hand.

The time is now to make a lasting impact on the health of Florida’s east coast waterways like the Indian River Lagoon that attracts the high tech workforce that gives east central Florida its coveted position as a top-tier technology hub. The Aquarium Project solves this most important need. Your support can make it reality.

With a legacy of successful stewardship as a community and conservation partner, giving more than $1 million a year to wildlife conservation and realizing $65 million in economic impact, the Brevard Zoo is an experienced leader for this mission. For this reason, I am an avid supporter of The Aquarium Project because it will:

  • Establish a regional center for Indian River Lagoon restoration research that is urgently needed to deliver projects that address environmental concerns, catalyze citizen volunteer efforts and provide infrastructure to support conservation and research.
  • Support and complement the high-tech workforce and their families who move to the area not just for employment opportunities but for our rich coastal environment (alive with beaches, lagoons, rivers and estuaries) and access to affordable housing and top-rated schools.
  • Provide a unique educational and recreational opportunity not found anywhere along Florida’s I-95 corridor.
  • Provide a facility for the Sea Turtle Healing Center closer to where many injured turtles are rescued.
  • Expand and diversify the hospitality offerings and generates new employment opportunities to citizens in the region.

As a business owner, I thank you for your consideration and hope you’ll join us and support our efforts to make this unique and transformative project come to life.


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